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Product Display

Use our customizable tools to design a 100% unique, branded experience; no professional experience needed!

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Host uniquely designed events on a platform tailored to your needs.

Build your own, branded experience with simple, yet unconventional components.
Guided event creation with drag and drop components makes designing events easier than ever before.
Work simultaneously with your team. Move components, share pictures and videos, and create an event together on one platform.
Watch your event’s performance with our analytics! Don’t miss any important moments and easily follow up on your audience.

Product Display

Make your brand stand out

You have only one chance to make a stunning first impression. Make sure you’re doing it right!
Take advantage of interactive 3D presentations
Seamlessly combine traditional ads with new, cutting-edge solutions
Show your product from every angle and add notes with additional information

Shopping Events

Create digital marketplace

Why only show products if you can let people instantly buy them?
Set up your own online shop in a few simple steps
Let people browse the full catalog of presented products
Provide your clients with the full shopping experience in the comfort of their home

Online Courses

Share knowledge in the best way possible

Tools offered by The Labz are suitable for all needs, including education. It’s the perfect alternative to regular classes or staff training!
Instruct your team in real time with live learning sessions
Make your course reusable with pre-recorded footage
Test your audience’s knowledge with quizzes

Themed Expos

Different events, one versatile platform

Open a virtual museum, let people wander around digital art exhibition, or announce your new groundbreaking product
No code required. Although the advanced users will be able to push customization even further, every feature of Labz is ready to use from the get go for even total beginners
Ticketing, shopping and advertising frameworks are already there. No need to use other external services
Presets speed up the design process by offering you an initial package of functions essential for your event so you won’t become overwhelmed by the variety of features. Feel free to expand and customize them!

Music Venues

Let yourself be heard!

Hold a music festival with various artists on multiple stages at the same time.
Divide your event into separate stages, just like a regular festival
Arrange concert halls within an hour
Invite artists and audience from all over the world

Custom Event Design

Would you like to run an event, but you do not feel comfortable creating it yourself? Or maybe you would like to entrust it to experienced designers?
Contact us—we will estimate the costs and prepare a full event designed to match your brand, needs, and ideas.


Check out what TheLabz has to offer

TheLabz provides an extensive set of modular tools and components to give your ideas a palpable form.

Drag and Drop

Powerful tools in a simple form. It’s easier than you think!

Designing everything from scratch takes too much time or experience? With our drag and drop system, you can easily create a unique event using and modifying the elements prepared by our experienced designers.
Arrange the components on a workspace, change their position, size, and pattern.
Create an entire interactive event that will convert your guests into customers in a blink of an eye!

Live Stream, Video Conferences & Pre-Recorded Videos

Stream live events from your office, stage, studio, or wherever else you want!

Unlike with “regular” events, on live streams, each attendant has a first-row seat with an armrest!
Let your audience experience the event on the fly in the privacy of their homes
Organize conferences with guests from all over the world!
Host events of any size and purpose: from team meetings to the most prestigious industry expos


There can’t be an event without an audience.

Let people express themselves and feel involved with what you have prepared for them!
Simply drag and drop the Chat component to integrate it in your event!
Engage the audience with custom polls and voting
Organize live Q&A sessions


Keep your head in the game!

Our platform features automated solutions to handle all the tedious tasks. Just set the parameters and let the code do the rest!
Plan ahead of the time using auto play on a chosen date and time
Keep the audience excited with countdowns and timers
Change the camera view and direct the audience's eyes to make a long-lasting impact


Your personal command center

Keep track of the event's statistics. The integrated data dashboard is your most powerful tool for performance analysis and event management!
Track your content performance, traffic, engagement, behaviors and more!
In-depth analytics and detailed information thanks to Google analytics integration
Post on social media and send emails without exiting the Labz!
Create special lounges for staff, exhibitors, or VIPs with access to premium content

Multiple Media Support

Cutting-edge solutions for unique experiences creation

Labz offers a multitude of options to pick from. We encourage you to experiment with new methods of interaction and presenting content – our platform can handle it all!
Full multimedia support: videos, 360 footage, audio, image popups, animated 3D and 2D objects, and even VR experiences – you can use all of these and more!
CSS Support allows advanced users to customize events even deeper
Branded Photo Booth with custom AR Filters will up your social media game

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