A3C Attendees Will Be The First To Experiment With “The LABZ”

(ATLANTA, GA)September 24, 2018 – Atlanta artists and musicians attending the A3C Music Festival and Conference will be the first in the world to beta test The LABZ, a new music collaboration and asset management platform that allows users to create and share music while protecting their ownership rights, thanks to the power of blockchain technology.      

Selected as winners of “The Future of Music Tech” exhibit, The LABZ will present to a panel of music industry veterans and hip-hop icons on how their platform allows songwriters, producers, indie artists and organizations to collaborate on creative work together in a secured, creative environment. The LABZ exhibit at A3C will demonstrate this capability with a live collaboration station, where users can join and interact. Creators can add audio projects to build songs, invite others to collaborate, chat within the project, submit and approve contributions such as lyrics, music, and vocals. Contributions are securely stored with metadata and ownership percentage for copyright protection.   

“A3C and The LABZ share a vision of supporting artists,” says Farah Allen, CEO of The LABZ. “We hope we can be a vital solution for creative collaboration and artists rights management, so more artists can retain the ability to reap the rewards of their hard work and creativity.”   

The need for a product like The LABZ can be seen on the balance sheets of artists, producers and songwriters around the globe. In 2017 alone, music creators and their business partners lost an estimated $20.5 billion dollars in unclaimed royalties due to lack of adequate ownership documentation for their recordings. The LABZ creates a natural transition between the creative process and the asset tracking process, allowing users to feel secure in knowing they have proof of their work.   

A3C Festival and Conference attendees are encouraged to stop by The LABZ exhibit to learn more about the platform on October 3rd-6th, 2018 at the Loudermilk Conference Center, 40 Courtland St NE, Atlanta, GA 30303. Follow The LABZ on all social media @thelabz_tech for more updates.   

About The LABZ: Founded in 2017, The LABZ is a SaaS (cloud-based) platform that uses blockchain technology to power creative content collaboration and digital right management process for the entertainment industry, music industry, and its business professionals. Unlike current shared workspaces (i.e. Dropbox), The LABZ platform integrates the chaotic, nonlinear, collaborative dynamics of creative processes while collecting and organizing data needed to protect each creator’s digital rights across audio and sound recordings.

Press Contact: Tami LaTrell, tami@thelabz.com

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