What Is A Split Sheet?

The Labz Split sheet
Our platform is packed with all types of features to help you create and collaborate safely – but one of the coolest tools most creators love is the ability to be able to auto generate split sheets after the song is completed.

What is a Split Sheet?
A split sheet is documented proof of contribution and ownership from each creator who is apart of the song. The ownership is designated by a percentage on a 100% scale, with music accounting for 50% ownership and lyrics and/or melody accounting for the remaining 50%.

Simply put, the split sheet makes clear who owns what and how the publishing and music royalties should be distributed once the song is released.

When all creators have approved their split percentage in The LABZ, all creators instantly get an emailed copy of the split sheet for proof of their work and added protection.

The LABZ is the industry standard for all music creators to protect their music rights at the genesis of creation.

  • Easy Collaboration:  Create and invite other producers or songwriters to collaborate with you in one dashboard.    
  • Automate Song Splits: Each creator’s contribution is automated to determine splits and ownership making the copyright and publishing documentation seamless.    
  • Protect Songs: Each contributor approves their share and the song is stored securely on a blockchain backed URL for private and public sharing.

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