Working in The Labz: Simplifying IP and Rights Management for Creatives

The LABZ Webinar

We’re super excited about presenting at Music Business Association’s Spring Common Ground webinar series called, “Working in The Labz: Simplifying IP and Rights Management for Creatives”.

Music creators have lost an estimated $2.4 billion in unclaimed royalties due to lack of ownership or proof through documentation because they are faced with a currently complex structure for managing intellectual property and digital rights. 

We offer a tangible, all-in-one solution for collaboration, file storage, and document management. The platform includes an ecosystem of tools that tracks the workflow of creatives so that establishing IP, control digital rights, and automate agreements are done easily, leaving them to do what they do best: CREATE!

Tune in next Thursday as we will share how empowering creatives and businesses with a direct relationship to both monetize their work and the long term value of managing their IP leads to stronger economic activity across the music business.

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