The LABZ 2.0 Is The Creative Collaboration Solution For Music & Film/TV Creators

**Highlights Summary: COVID-19 has caused a surge in demand for remote collaboration tools for the entertainment industry. The Labz is providing a strong product value solution for music creators, schools and universities**

In case you missed our webinar with the Music Business Association, we ‘ve recapped here with a sneak peek of version 2.0 for you below with a special offer!

The world is going through some difficult times right now, but we are glad that The Labz is designed to keep creatives working no matter where they are in the world.

We realize how fortunate we are that within the last few weeks we are among a short list of mission-critical tools that can fully replace the in-person collaboration needs of the entertainment community.

Sneak Peek Of Version 2.0!

Invite Collaborators

Add Audio, Leave Comments

Lyric Writing With Optional Split Automation

Review Contributions and Finalize

We are a few weeks away to releasing our Labz 2.0 product which includes our full product offering for music creators as well as film, television, stage, digital and other media roles and wanted to highlight the value proposition for you as a creator.

Added Workspace Features For Film/TV/Production & More Storage!

E-Signature and Document Control

So what are you waiting for? Collaborate today! Version 2.0 is on its way.

Introductory Offer: 60% off your Pro subscription when you sign up using mbz60 and you will receive a free session walkthru in 2.0 with the LABZ team when it launches!!

About Us:

The Labz is an ecosystem of tools specially designed to support varying types of creative roles in one workspace. Along with collaboration, The Labz supports the business process of tracking and preserving collaboration activity, establishing agreements and protecting access to users’ owned content.

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