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Frequently Asked Questions

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TheLabz.com is designed by creatives, for creatives. We understand your needs as music makers and want to make sure you have all the tools you need to create fearlessly. Our focus is to provide a fun and intelligent workspace all while protecting your work at the same time. Sign up today!

To show our appreciation for all the great feedback we’ve gotten from you on our platform, we will migrate your accounts to TheLabz.com.

Sure. This is great for cataloging old songs instead of having them in multiple locations, like shared drives and email accounts. However, our lyric tracking protection tool will  flag any content that exists on our platform or is already distributed to the world. The LABZ won’t allow you to submit for registration in the original form where ownership and copyrights already exist.

No. You can create and protect your music on your own, just as easily as you can collaborate with others. We give you the power to make that decision.

Yes. We want their contributions to be protected also. We track all of your activity to ensure transparency and rights are properly managed. This allows all parties interaction with the content to be documented in real-time, so none of your content can go “missing”.

Yes. We believe everyone involved in the creative process should be protected. One of the ways we do that is by making sure all parties involved in the creation process are members of our platform, and your engineer is not excluded from that.

No. Your audio and/or lyrics are connected to your account. If you leave a song, the records will show your past involvement, but your content leaves with you once you have been removed from the session.

No. If you have a prior arrangement, our contribution calculations can be amended at any time, but as apart of our registration process, all parties must sign off on the change. Some features may also depend on the level of access.

Yes. The song is done and all parties agree to the final splits, each person involved will have access to the finished song, and can download it from our platform. You will also receive a final split sheet sent immediately to your email.

We’re working on that. We are in the process of developing partnerships that will assist you in getting your music out to the world faster and more efficiently from the beginning of creation and collaboration, to distribution, to royalty collection.

We are not a royalty distribution site, nor do we collect royalties. We provide our collaborate platform for you to create songs securely. Once your song is done, upload the final version you have recorded to your session project so that it is stored on our blockchain. From there, you can download from our site, and upload songs to any distribution outlet you choose. Royalties will come from the distributor, your PRO and your publishing administrator. Check out our blog for more tips on how to collect royalties from our partners.

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